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Why You Should Hire Security Guards for Your HOA

Why You Should Hire Security Guards for Your HOA

If you manage an HOA in Florida, you'll want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of the people who live in your community. A great way to accomplish this is to hire security guards for it. Trained security guards can help prevent vandalism and theft in your neighborhood by their presence alone and because they will be constantly watching out for suspicious activity. They will also man the gates to ensure that only people who should be there are allowed inside. What's more, security guards will give residents peace of mind knowing that their community is being watched over by security professionals!

Security guards can help prevent vandalism and theft.

Photo of a security guard's uniform.

Preventing criminal activity is one of a security guard's main duties. If you hire security guards to watch over your HOA community, they will always be on the lookout for such activity and can help prevent incidents of vandalism and theft. Just their presence alone will help deter criminals from entering your HOA. Additionally, by constantly monitoring your community, security guards can possibly catch any criminals who are in the process of committing acts of vandalism or theft and can act accordingly to protect the homeowners.

Security guards will control who enters your neighborhood.

For HOA communities that are gated, security guards should always be hired to man them. That's because people can sneak into unmanned gates if they are not working properly or by following...

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When Should You Hire Unarmed Security Guards?

When Should You Hire Unarmed Security Guards?

We’ll be the first people to tell you that securing your property is important, but armed security isn't always the best fit for every business, home, or HOA. Unarmed security guards are a great option depending on your circumstances.

If you have a property in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, or a surrounding community in central Florida, learn how unarmed security guards can save you money and give you peace of mind long-term, as well as when it’s appropriate to hire unarmed versus armed guards.

Hire Unarmed Security Guards

Even the presence of a security guard can deter threats and prevent crime.

If threat deterrence and prevention is your main goal, an unarmed security guard may be what you need for your property. Criminals take the path of least resistance, and having a security guard in place means a direct point of contact with the police, as well as a watchful eye.

Essentially, the presence of security guards is generally enough to deter most crime. The Public Library of Science published a study on the effectiveness of security agents in public mass transit areas, which showed that increasing patrols resulted in a 49% increase in incident detection and a 16% reduction in criminal activity overall.

Hire Unarmed Security Guards

Armed guards can be overkill in many situations.

Many properties are considered fairly low-risk in terms of crime, and common threats include theft and vandalism. In situations like...

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3 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Business

3 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Business

Your commercial property contains many items of importance: computers, printers, files—all of which are very attractive items for those with criminal motives in mind. Protecting these assets is key to the success of your business.

Here are three reasons why you should consider having security services available for your Tampa Bay area business in cities such as Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete.

1. 24/7 Security Helps Protect Your Building & Assets at Night

You have invested a lot of time and money into your business, thus it only makes sense to keep it protected at all times. When you’re not there at night, the property is vulnerable due to no one else being there. Hiring 24/7 security protection means you will have someone who performs drive through observations as well as foot patrols and physical checks of the building.

Drive through observations help to prevent people loitering in your parking lots and foot patrols and physical checks allow security guards to check for any unlocked points of entry and for any criminals who may be lurking in dark areas waiting for a time to strike.

At Bales Security, we provide marked and unmarked security patrols for businesses.

2. Hiring Security Can Deter Criminals & Ensure Your Computers, Printers, & Other Electronics Stay Safe

If a potential thief knows a business has a security guard, it can serve as a deterrent and keep them from stealing your business computers,...

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Why Your Event Needs Security Guards

Why Your Event Needs Security Guards

There are many aspects that go into planning an event. One of the most important things is to make sure that your event is secure and that attendees feel safe while they are there. Unfortunately, large crowds are easy targets for someone who may want to commit a crime. With trained guards from Bales Security, you can help ensure that your event is secure.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring security guards for your event in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and other nearby areas in Florida.

Security Can Help Prevent Intruders From Causing Disturbances at Your Event

A security officer monitors the crowd at an event in Tampa, FL.

If your event is going to be pretty big, then it’s easier for those who aren’t supposed to be there to gain entry and cause disturbances. Hiring security guards helps with monitoring any entrances or exits to the venue. At Bales Security, we can provide armed or unarmed security guards based on your preferences.

If the event is ticketed, security guards can also monitor that process to make sure that no one gets in who hasn’t paid to enter the premises. They can also help with searching bags or individuals so that no one brings in contraband materials to the event.

Guards Can Provide Crowd Control, Coordinate with Law Enforcement if Needed

Not everyone who attends an event will behave in the right way. Some may be influenced by too much alcohol consumption or other factors. When that inevitably happens, security guards can be there, ready to...

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