Your commercial property contains many items of importance: computers, printers, files—all of which are very attractive items for those with criminal motives in mind. Protecting these assets is key to the success of your business.

Here are three reasons why you should consider having security services available for your Tampa Bay area business in cities such as Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete.

1. 24/7 Security Helps Protect Your Building & Assets at Night

You have invested a lot of time and money into your business, thus it only makes sense to keep it protected at all times. When you’re not there at night, the property is vulnerable due to no one else being there. Hiring 24/7 security protection means you will have someone who performs drive through observations as well as foot patrols and physical checks of the building.

Drive through observations help to prevent people loitering in your parking lots and foot patrols and physical checks allow security guards to check for any unlocked points of entry and for any criminals who may be lurking in dark areas waiting for a time to strike.

At Bales Security, we provide marked and unmarked security patrols for businesses.

2. Hiring Security Can Deter Criminals & Ensure Your Computers, Printers, & Other Electronics Stay Safe

If a potential thief knows a business has a security guard, it can serve as a deterrent and keep them from stealing your business computers, printers, and any other electronics you may have on the premises. If those get stolen, then it costs you more money and also disrupts the productivity of your business as you lose time having to replace all of the stolen goods.

Trained professional security guards know what to look for when a person is exhibiting signs of suspicious activity and they can quickly react in those situations to prevent loss. Having a physical security presence is more effective than just a security alarm or camera, especially since technology can sometimes fail.

3. Business Security Guards Can Work to Defuse Negative Situations

Security guards can monitor business entry points in St. Pete, FL.

If your business serves alcohol, then it’s likely you may have a patron who overindulges and causes a scene. With a security guard on the scene, that scene can defuse quickly and that patron can be referred over to law enforcement officers.

Security guards can also assist in retail locations by watching for signs of shoplifting and monitoring the entrance and exit to your store. According to Shopify, retailers lose almost $50 billion per year due to theft.

On the other side of the spectrum, security guard presence could also help customers feel safer in a public space. If a customer feels uneasy coming into the store, they could feel better about it seeing a security guard stationed at the entrance.

Do you need security guard services for your business or commercial property?

Bales Security has been providing security guard services to Tampa Bay area business and commercial properties for many years now. Our guards are professionally trained on how to handle any situations that may arise while they are on the job. Give us a call today at (813) 314-9101 to discuss how our security guards can help you protect your business.