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Retail & Shopping Security Guards In Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton & Surrounding Areas

We provide armed and unarmed security guards for shopping centers, malls, and other retail stores.

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Retail and shopping center security guards in Tampa, St. Pete, and nearby cities in Florida.

Security guards can help prevent theft and increase safety in your store or mall.

In the United States, the retail industry loses more than $50 billion each year due to theft or other methods of inventory reduction, according to Shopify. Stores have to work to prevent theft in order to maximize their bottom line, and hiring skilled security guards can help with that as well as increase safety within stores or malls.

At Bales Security, we provide highly-trained armed and unarmed security guards for retail stores, shopping centers, and malls in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, and the nearby cities in Florida.

How Security Guards Benefit Malls, Shopping Centers, & Retail Stores

When you own or manage a store, you have a lot to keep track of, from checking up on employees to making sure inventory is kept up with routinely. These long lists of tasks make it harder for you to monitor the store itself and keep up with customers or people who may look suspicious. This is why you should consider hiring security guards. Other benefits of retail security guards include:

  • The presence of security can add a layer of safety. Many people enjoy going to malls, but want to feel safe while they are there. Security guards, whether armed or unarmed, can be there to provide crowd control and monitor the area for any possible threats.
  • A security guard can help to deter shoplifters. You can post theft prevention signs or let people know you have security cameras, but shoplifters will still try to target your store. If there are security guards stationed at the entrance of the store, they can watch people who are coming and going to ensure they are not stealing anything from the store.
  • Security guards are trained to look for suspicious persons. A security guard will be able to keep an eye out for anyone who may look suspicious. This can include someone who may try to shoplift or someone who is trying to commit another crime inside your mall, retail store, or shopping center.
  • Security guards can handle disturbances and detain shoplifters. If there are any disturbances or fights inside the mall or store, a security guard can come to defuse the situation. They can detain any troublemakers, including shoplifters, and then turn them over to the police once they arrive on the scene.

The most frequently shoplifted items include electronics, handbags, pregnancy tests, pain relievers, alcohol, and more, according to Shopify.

Need an increased security presence at your mall or shopping center? Call us for more information.

At Bales Security, we have highly trained and specialized armed and unarmed security guards who can come to your mall, shopping center, or store to supervise the area for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your retail business in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, and nearby Florida areas. If you need an increased security presence, then call us today at (813) 314-9101 for more information.

Bales Security provides security services, which includes vehicle patrols, for clients in and around Clearwater, FL.

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