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Smart Home Security - Is it Time for You to Upgrade?

Smart Home Security - Is it Time for You to Upgrade?

Smart home security has come a long way since its inception. Many security professionals in Tampa, FL describe it as taking the best of traditional home security and bringing it to the next level. However, if you're unfamiliar with smart security, the technology and number of options can be daunting.

The good news is smart home automation is an effective crime deterrent that can offer unparalleled safety and convenience. But does this mean it's time to upgrade to smart home security? It certainly could, but before you decide, let's take a look at three primary components of smart home security automation: video doorbells, home webcams, and smart door locks. Each offers unique and sometimes complementary enhancements to your overall security.

Enhance your security with video doorbells featuring app integration.

Video doorbells are a great security option as they allow you to see who is visiting your home at any time, even when you are not there. Since smart doorbells feature motion detectors, network-enabled digital cameras, plus mobile apps, many are capable of notifying you of your visitor's arrival before the visitor rings your doorbell. Some devices even allow you to watch the visitor as they approach your home. This functionality allows you to catch or deter criminals and keep a watchful eye on your kids or mail-order deliveries.

Home webcams can improve your home security.

Webcam mounted on wall of living room at a home in St. Petersburg, FL.

Home webcams are another option you can...

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DON'T Hire a New Nanny Without Doing This First!

DON'T Hire a New Nanny Without Doing This First!

Nannies play an integral role in the lives of our children or loved ones. However, it can be difficult to know if the person you're hiring can be trusted with such an important duty. Because modern technology makes it easy for anyone to conceal or hide their former misdeeds, you must exercise caution when hiring a nanny.

Employment applications, references, and interviews are great. But as solid as these measures are, the traditional hiring process is often ill-equipped to uncover anything your prospective nanny goes out of their way to cover up. Fortunately, there's a proven technique you can use to reveal prior criminal behavior - you can order a background check. You can choose what you'd like to see based on which background check you select: criminal history, FBI, or level 2 background check.

What to expect from a criminal history background check.

You never want to be caught off guard by your nanny's past. A criminal history background check can alert you of any major offenses in an applicant's background. Upon ordering a criminal background check, you can expect to learn whether your applicant has:

  • A prison record
  • Arrests that resulted in a conviction
  • Civil judgments
  • Pending criminal cases
  • Felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions

You can also find out if the nanny you are considering hiring is on the domestic terrorist watch list by ordering a criminal background check. A level 1 criminal background check...

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Why Your Clearwater, FL Home Needs Security Services

Why Your Clearwater, FL Home Needs Security Services

Residents of Clearwater, FL view the city as one of abundant beaches, endless sunshine, and plenty of activities to partake in. However, it's important to be aware that Clearwater has a higher-than-average crime rate when compared to the rest of the country. According to NeighborhoodScout, it's only safer than 14% of cities in the United States.

Even with its high crime rate, you don't have to worry about your home's security when you enlist our professional security services. We offer comprehensive security services to residents in Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater, FL. 

Check out some ways that your home can benefit from our expert security services. 

A security patrol can keep an eye on any technical issues that may arise with your home's surveillance system. 

As a busy homeowner, you likely don't want to be bothered with constantly checking on the status of your home's security system. A qualified security patrol can check on the status of your Clearwater home's surveillance system.

Our staff is trained to recognize issues with motion detectors, door and window sensors, cameras, and control panels that are broken or have been tampered with. 

When one of our security patrols spots a technical problem, he will report it to the management team on duty. Then, the management team will make you aware of the technical issue that needs to be addressed. 


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