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Reasons to Conduct Employee Screenings

Reasons to Conduct Employee Screenings

Whether you’re scanning through potential candidates or wanting to check up on current employees, background checks and employee screenings are vital to maintaining a safe environment and keeping your company safe from possible threats. Fraud prevention, promotions, and behavioral changes are all valid reasons for conducting employee screenings.

Here are some reasons why you should conduct employee screenings in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas.

To Prevent Fraud

Astoundingly, more than half of all applicants lie on their resume or job application to appear more qualified and suitable for the position they are applying for. While this dishonesty may just seem like a character flaw, fraud can be very detrimental to your business and other employees. A prospective candidate who is willing to lie about their personal information and past could impact productivity, quality of work and service, and can affect everyone in your business, from your customers to your current employees. Screening potential employees can help to avoid regrettable hiring mistakes that could cost your business a lot of time and money to rectify.

For Security Reasons

Technology and mobile devices have made it much easier for employees to steal important data and sensitive information. Nearly half of all data breaches come from an insider threat. Because of this, it’s vital to ensure your company has proper security measures in...

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