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DON'T Hire a New Nanny Without Doing This First!

DON'T Hire a New Nanny Without Doing This First!

Nannies play an integral role in the lives of our children or loved ones. However, it can be difficult to know if the person you're hiring can be trusted with such an important duty. Because modern technology makes it easy for anyone to conceal or hide their former misdeeds, you must exercise caution when hiring a nanny.

Employment applications, references, and interviews are great. But as solid as these measures are, the traditional hiring process is often ill-equipped to uncover anything your prospective nanny goes out of their way to cover up. Fortunately, there's a proven technique you can use to reveal prior criminal behavior - you can order a background check. You can choose what you'd like to see based on which background check you select: criminal history, FBI, or level 2 background check.

What to expect from a criminal history background check.

You never want to be caught off guard by your nanny's past. A criminal history background check can alert you of any major offenses in an applicant's background. Upon ordering a criminal background check, you can expect to learn whether your applicant has:

  • A prison record
  • Arrests that resulted in a conviction
  • Civil judgments
  • Pending criminal cases
  • Felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions

You can also find out if the nanny you are considering hiring is on the domestic terrorist watch list by ordering a criminal background check. A level 1 criminal background check...

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3 Reasons to Do a Tenant Background Check in Florida

3 Reasons to Do a Tenant Background Check in Florida

Landlords and property managers in Florida have many concerns throughout the day, but one that should be at the top of the priority list is screening potential tenants with a thorough background check.

Failing to perform a background check can lead to many issues down the road, so it's imperative to make sure your applicants are telling the truth about who they are and their past. Elements that should at the very least be included in a Florida tenant background check include:

  • Rental history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Credit history
  • Criminal background check

If you're in areas such as Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and other nearby areas, here are three reasons to conduct a tenant background check.

Ensure Existing Tenants, Neighbors, & Others Nearby Are Safe

As a landlord or property manager, you do have a responsibility to ensure that the potential new tenant isn't a criminal or sex offender. If you own or manage a multifamily dwelling, such an apartment or townhome community, then you have to make sure your existing tenants are safe from anyone with a history of violence or burglary.

Also, convicted sex offenders are generally required to live a certain distance away from areas where children may be, such as schools, playgrounds, and more. If your property is close to a school or public playground, you may not legally be able to let them live there, depending on when their crime was committed and the ...

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Reasons to Conduct Employee Screenings

Reasons to Conduct Employee Screenings

Whether you’re scanning through potential candidates or wanting to check up on current employees, background checks and employee screenings are vital to maintaining a safe environment and keeping your company safe from possible threats. Fraud prevention, promotions, and behavioral changes are all valid reasons for conducting employee screenings.

Here are some reasons why you should conduct employee screenings in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas.

To Prevent Fraud

Astoundingly, more than half of all applicants lie on their resume or job application to appear more qualified and suitable for the position they are applying for. While this dishonesty may just seem like a character flaw, fraud can be very detrimental to your business and other employees. A prospective candidate who is willing to lie about their personal information and past could impact productivity, quality of work and service, and can affect everyone in your business, from your customers to your current employees. Screening potential employees can help to avoid regrettable hiring mistakes that could cost your business a lot of time and money to rectify.

For Security Reasons

Technology and mobile devices have made it much easier for employees to steal important data and sensitive information. Nearly half of all data breaches come from an insider threat. Because of this, it’s vital to ensure your company has proper security measures in...

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