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Ease Your Mind by Hiring Security Guards for Your Brick & Mortar Store

Ease Your Mind by Hiring Security Guards for Your Brick & Mortar Store

When you're running a brick-and-mortar store, there are a lot of moving parts to manage and, especially during a busy season here in Florida, it can feel overwhelming. You can do a lot to ease your mind by hiring security guards! Security guards will deter shoplifters with their presence alone, saving the company money in lost merchandise. They'll also help to deter rowdy customers that can cause a scene and disturb the other customers in the store. Not having to worry about the security of your store will free you up to do something only you can do – run your business! With all of these benefits, it's clear to see how hiring professional security guards can help take your business to the next level.

On-site security guards will deter shoplifters, saving your company money.

Without security guards on the premise, your brick-and-mortar store can look like a smorgasbord of opportunity to shoplifters. If left unchecked, these individuals will pocket whatever they can find and sneak it out of the store with no intention of paying. When you have security guards on-site, it will be much more difficult for shoplifters to steal merchandise without being caught, and they'll often prefer to strike somewhere that has been left unguarded. Not only will this ease your mind and keep merchandise available to paying customers, but with shoplifters deterred by security, your company will save money on replacing lost merchandise.

Professional security...

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Commercial Building Security Goes beyond Just a Few Cameras

Commercial Building Security Goes beyond Just a Few Cameras

There's nothing wrong with using closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras as part of your building's overall security plan. However, here in Tampa, FL, relying solely on video cameras to protect the entirety of your team could be risky. While they can discourage some criminal activity, an experienced or determined criminal can bypass your CCTV.

The good news is that there are several other highly effective ways to deter crime and monitor who is entering and exiting your building. Many of them complement your CCTV and vastly improve the overall safety of your commercial building. Additional commercial security options include access control systems, intercom systems, and employing security guards.

Access control systems will provide your commercial building with additional security.

Two security guards monitoring a panel of CCTVs in Tampa, FL.

Monitoring the flow of visitors coming in and out of your commercial building is a great way to provide additional security. This is especially true if your organization receives a steady flow of visitors throughout the day.

The most common technique of managing access to your building is to use an access control system. These digital access control devices can track everyone that enters or leaves your facility in real-time. Access control devices can also grant or deny building entry. So, they're more comprehensive than a receptionist taking notes on a notepad. These devices can connect to your security system and record and validate anyone who...

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