There's nothing wrong with using closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras as part of your building's overall security plan. However, here in Tampa, FL, relying solely on video cameras to protect the entirety of your team could be risky. While they can discourage some criminal activity, an experienced or determined criminal can bypass your CCTV.

The good news is that there are several other highly effective ways to deter crime and monitor who is entering and exiting your building. Many of them complement your CCTV and vastly improve the overall safety of your commercial building. Additional commercial security options include access control systems, intercom systems, and employing security guards.

Access control systems will provide your commercial building with additional security.

Two security guards monitoring a panel of CCTVs in Tampa, FL.

Monitoring the flow of visitors coming in and out of your commercial building is a great way to provide additional security. This is especially true if your organization receives a steady flow of visitors throughout the day.

The most common technique of managing access to your building is to use an access control system. These digital access control devices can track everyone that enters or leaves your facility in real-time. Access control devices can also grant or deny building entry. So, they're more comprehensive than a receptionist taking notes on a notepad. These devices can connect to your security system and record and validate anyone who enters your building. What's more, they also can also restrict or allow access to certain areas of your building to specific people.

Improve Security with Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can be an effective barrier against anyone intent on wrong-doing. For example, if someone attempts to enter your commercial building, you can use an intercom system to speak with your visitors remotely. This allows you to find out who they are and the purpose of their visit and gives you another layer of access control security.

In addition to using intercoms to interact with visitors, they can also be used to communicate safety instructions to employees in the midst of a crisis. Since some intercoms also integrate with CCTV cameras, this device offers a wide range of functionality.

Use Armed or Unarmed Security Guards to Enhance Building Security

Security guard making halt signal with hand in St. Petersburg, FL.

As much as technology can improve safety, there are some elements that human interaction offers that digital systems are unable to replicate. For example, security guards can often sense danger and diffuse tense situations before they escalate. In settings like these, unarmed security might be sufficient to secure your building.

Some organizations are greater targets of criminal activity than others. For example, banks, jewelry stores, hospitals, and some other businesses with high foot traffic often face increased security risks. If your business falls into one of these categories or if you feel it's right for your business, armed security might be the best option.

If you're unsure what type of building security to use, contact a professional security company and have them perform a security assessment for you.

Ensure your business is safe by taking advantage of our commercial security services.

Are you thinking about upgrading your commercial building's security? Before choosing a security option remember to consider how each method impacts the safety of you and your employees. Of course, it's your decision how you'd like to adjust your security at the end of the day. But if you're having difficulty deciding, we'd love to offer a helping hand.

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