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Debunking Common Private Investigator Myths

Debunking Common Private Investigator Myths

There are many common myths surrounding private investigators. With the help of Hollywood, many people view PIs as fancy detectives shrouded in mystery, who are above the law and oftentimes clash with law enforcement in an effort to “serve justice”. While these illusions are certainly grand and captivating, private investigators are ordinary people who still need to follow the law.

If you’re looking to hire a private investigator in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas, here are some common myths and misconceptions about PIs that you shouldn’t believe.

Private Investigators Are Above the Law like Police, CIA, & FBI Agents

A very common misconception is that private investigators can circumvent the law. Private investigators do not have clearances like government agents, nor do they work with these entities. Unlike police officers, PIs do not have any actual authority and must obey the law like every other citizen. They cannot impersonate people or trespass on private property and are never allowed to go inside someone’s home to find clues or evidence. In fact, private investigators need to be extremely careful when obtaining information, taking painstaking precautions to follow the law to ensure the information they gather is permissible in court and legal.

Private Investigators Can Arrest People

Many people sometimes fear PIs, thinking they can arrest people if there is any...

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