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Keep Your Event in Florida Sunny & Safe With Employee Screening

Keep Your Event in Florida Sunny & Safe With Employee Screening

Are you a property owner here in Florida who is hosting an upcoming event? If so, you'll want to keep it as safe as possible by screening the staff who are working at your event. Employee screenings allow you to perform background checks, criminal checks, and credit history reports on all of your event staff members. It is extremely important to be aware of who is working at your event, especially if there will be children present. Running an event is also stressful, so screening your staff means you will have one less thing to worry about.

What do employee screenings include?

Background check being marked green in Tampa, FL.

There are 3 main things that employee screenings include. These things are:

  • Background checks: One part of the employee screening process is performing a background check. A background check will primarily give you access to your staff members' employee history, which can be important information for an event host to be aware of.
  • Criminal checks: When you have an event staff member professionally screened, you will gain access to any criminal records that the person may have. This is important because, depending on the nature of the criminal activity, you may not feel comfortable having this person work at your event. Knowing that information allows you to make an informed decision about who you want as part of your event staff.
  • Credit history reports: During the employee screening process, you will also obtain the credit history report of that staff member. A credit...
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Ease Your Mind by Hiring Security Guards for Your Brick & Mortar Store

Ease Your Mind by Hiring Security Guards for Your Brick & Mortar Store

When you're running a brick-and-mortar store, there are a lot of moving parts to manage and, especially during a busy season here in Florida, it can feel overwhelming. You can do a lot to ease your mind by hiring security guards! Security guards will deter shoplifters with their presence alone, saving the company money in lost merchandise. They'll also help to deter rowdy customers that can cause a scene and disturb the other customers in the store. Not having to worry about the security of your store will free you up to do something only you can do – run your business! With all of these benefits, it's clear to see how hiring professional security guards can help take your business to the next level.

On-site security guards will deter shoplifters, saving your company money.

Without security guards on the premise, your brick-and-mortar store can look like a smorgasbord of opportunity to shoplifters. If left unchecked, these individuals will pocket whatever they can find and sneak it out of the store with no intention of paying. When you have security guards on-site, it will be much more difficult for shoplifters to steal merchandise without being caught, and they'll often prefer to strike somewhere that has been left unguarded. Not only will this ease your mind and keep merchandise available to paying customers, but with shoplifters deterred by security, your company will save money on replacing lost merchandise.

Professional security...

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Smart Home Security - Is it Time for You to Upgrade?

Smart Home Security - Is it Time for You to Upgrade?

Smart home security has come a long way since its inception. Many security professionals in Tampa, FL describe it as taking the best of traditional home security and bringing it to the next level. However, if you're unfamiliar with smart security, the technology and number of options can be daunting.

The good news is smart home automation is an effective crime deterrent that can offer unparalleled safety and convenience. But does this mean it's time to upgrade to smart home security? It certainly could, but before you decide, let's take a look at three primary components of smart home security automation: video doorbells, home webcams, and smart door locks. Each offers unique and sometimes complementary enhancements to your overall security.

Enhance your security with video doorbells featuring app integration.

Video doorbells are a great security option as they allow you to see who is visiting your home at any time, even when you are not there. Since smart doorbells feature motion detectors, network-enabled digital cameras, plus mobile apps, many are capable of notifying you of your visitor's arrival before the visitor rings your doorbell. Some devices even allow you to watch the visitor as they approach your home. This functionality allows you to catch or deter criminals and keep a watchful eye on your kids or mail-order deliveries.

Home webcams can improve your home security.

Webcam mounted on wall of living room at a home in St. Petersburg, FL.

Home webcams are another option you can...

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How Do You Know You’re Hiring the Right Private Investigator?

How Do You Know You’re Hiring the Right Private Investigator?

When hiring a private investigator, keep in mind, there's more to the process than just calling a few private investigators and asking pricing questions. One challenge you may encounter is that even within just the Tampa, FL area, there's a sea of differences in offerings among private investigators. Likewise, not all of them offer the same level of service. For example, some private investigators offer polygraph tests, while others don't.

While it's critical you perform your due diligence when hiring a private investigator, you don't want the process to drag on longer than necessary. So, it helps if you can identify and outline an objective set of criteria to help avoid wasting time. Qualifications include prior experience, credibility, and custom services to suit your specific needs.

How does previous experience impact your decision to hire a private investigator?

Private investigator talking on a radio in Tampa, FL.

In addition to having similar duties, law enforcement and private investigation work often share a nearly identical skillset. A private investigator with a law enforcement background is likely to possess skills that transfer well to private investigator work. So, while certainly not a requirement, a prior law enforcement background is a tremendous plus for any private investigator. If you've identified someone who has worked in law enforcement then there is a good chance that they will have the knowledge and skillset that it takes to be a successful private...

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