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Polygraph examinations are conducted by highly qualified and skilled professionals.

Polygraphs & Lie Detector Tests In Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Brandon, & Surrounding Areas

Polygraph screenings available with a professional polygraph examiner who will conduct the pre-test interview, chart collection, and test data analysis.

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Polygraph examinations, also known as lie detector tests, are available for clients located in or near Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater, FL.

Clients who require more information than what a background check or regular investigation can provide,can schedule a polygraph examination, or lie detector test.

Bales Security works closely with a professional polygraph examiner who conducts polygraph screenings in and around Tampa.

Our commitment to security and ensuring your needs are met, are a top priority. Sometimes, certain industries or clients require further information about a person that both background checks and a regular investigation cannot obtain. In this instance, a polygraph examination can be scheduled.

If you are located in or near Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater, FL then you can request your own polygraph examination, which is also referred to as a lie detector test, through our company!

Who Performs the Polygraph Screenings & What Is Provided

Our experienced staff handles employee screenings, background checks, and obtaining credit histories of the job applicants for our clients in St. Pete.

A professional polygraph examiner that we work with closely, conducts our polygraph screenings. We will provide each one of our clients with:

  • Employee screenings
  • Background checks
  • Credit histories
  • Agency checks

In addition to our screening methods, the team at Bales Security follows through with all personal reference interviews and administers neighborhood surveys.

If there is something we can do about ensuring your safety and security, we will do it!

Phases That Screenings Consist of & What Responses the Polygraph Examination Will Test

The polygraph examination is performed by examining the physiological responses from at least three parts of the body during a screening. Screenings primarily consist of three phases:

  • The Pre-test Interview
  • Chart Collection
  • Test Data Analysis

In some instances, examiners will go back and clarify answers or ask more questions regarding an answer to receive a more accurate response.

There are several response areas that a polygraph uses to test an examinee. The first is respiratory activity. This is recorded using electronic sensors placed over the chest and abdominal area. Second, sweat gland activity is recorded by attaching two disposable electrodes to the fingers. Third, the examinee will have a blood pressure cuff attached to their arm to measure cardiovascular activity.

Other methods of testing include finger plethysmograph and motion sensors. Depending on the nature of the intended polygraph screening, these additional methods can be used in an examination.

Call us for a consultation on polygraph screenings or security for your company.

At Bales Security, we stand out because we believe your security should be customized to your needs. While some companies may need polygraph and lie detector screenings, others may not. We provide you with individualized solutions, flexible contracts, and a security staff that receives ongoing training.

Join our client list! Our services are currently used at office buildings, retail stores, educational facilities, apartment or condominium complexes, and banks.

For more information on polygraph screenings or obtaining security for your company, you can call us at (813) 314-9101. We are happy to provide a consultation to answer any questions or concerns you have about our services!

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